ZAMST BodyMate Wrist

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Light Wrist Support & Protection

Product details of ZAMST Bodymate Wrist

  • Light Compression and Protection
  • Unique shape of support line gently holds each body part.
  • Stabilizes your wrist by compression from radial and ulnar direction. Increases intensity with different knitting structures.
  • Very thin and flexible, fit like skin. Seamless, gentle to the skin.
  • Comfortable and suitable in daily activities.
  • ※1 piece per package
  • Made in Japan


About ZAMST ZAMST is a brand of the NIPPON SIGMAX group, which has been a leader in the Japanese orthopedics market since 1973. ZAMST was created in 1992 and leverages its parent company’s strong medical expertise, vast business experience and rigorous manufacturing techniques. ZAMST products are developed in consultation with doctors, trainers and professional athletes. We place a lot of importance on the contributions of people specialized in a variety of complementary fields; a doctor’s priority is the structure and functionality of the product, whereas an athlete will first want to know whether it is comfortable and if it has a positive impact on performance.