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MHP Probolic-SR 2lbs
PROBOLIC-SR - 7X MORE ANABOLIC THAN WHEY!* PROBOLIC-SR, the world’s first combination protein supplement of its kind, is formulated to provide fast, medium and slow releasing proteins in one advanced formula. The combination of these precise muscle building proteins provides far greater anabolic and anti-catabolic benefits than any other single pr..
Ex Tax: RM162.00
MHP Dark Matter 3.3lbs
Every Workout Ends With Dark Matter Sports nutrition experts and bodybuilders have long known that the most critical time to stimulate muscle growth through nutritional interfusion is post-workout. They refer to the 1-hour period immediately after training as the. Over the years, supplements have been developed in an attempt to optimize this sho..
Ex Tax: RM196.80
MHP Secretagogue-One
Developed by leading research scientists and biochemists, Secretagogue-One™is a proprietary blend of amino acids and precursor nutrients, which enhance the body’s natural production of Human Growth Factors and Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1).* Dr. Vincent C. Giampapa, MD is a world-renowned age management specialist. He has more than 20..
Ex Tax: RM187.00