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Intra-workout supplements are formulated to provided the body with specific nutrients during a newly found "window of opportunity" period for muscle growth. Normally consisting of amino acids mixed with carbohydrates, electrolytes, or even protein, the primary aim of the formulation is to allow immediate absorption of muscle growth components to the muscles the minute muscle fibres are torn. 

Secondary aims are also for anti-catabolic purposes, increase endurance, provide optimal electrolyte balance, and prevent fatigue.

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N8 Instantized BCAA 300g
N8 Instantized BCAA is a dietary supplement that provides BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids): Leucine, Iso-Leucine and Valine at a proven scientific 2:1:1 ratio for athletic performance and recovery. By taking BCAA before and during exercise, BCAA helps maintain body conditions at optimal levels, improves muscular endurance and recovery, and promotes muscle pr..
RM182.32 Ex Tax: RM172.00
N8 Endurance Box of 20s
GO FURTHER, STRONGER, LONGER, FASTER WITH N8 ENDURANCE. N8 Endurance is a scientifically efficient formula made for endurance athletes looking to increase stamina, reduce muscle fatigue, improve recovery, prevent cramping, and remain hydrated throughout the engaged activity. The product is suitable for many sports and fitness activities such as ..
RM106.00 Ex Tax: RM100.00
N8 Armour BCAA 30servings
N8 ARMOUR 2:1:1 BCAA is your solution to the healthiest intra-workout drink in the market. Use the product to improve recovery time during exercise or workouts, reduce muscle soreness post-workout, and as a muscle building aid for individuals living a low calorie diet lifestyle. Here's why N8 Armour 2:1:1 BCAA Works: • 2:1:1 R..
RM121.90 Ex Tax: RM115.00