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ZAMST Wrist Band
The Wrist Band provides variable compression for individualized fit, and is ideal for various sports without use of hard materials.   Dual straps provide individualized fit, enhanced comfort and variable compression.   Strap loop makes the Wrist Band easy to put on and adjust with one hand.   Anti-migration tape prevents slipping during activities. ..
RM91.16 Ex Tax: RM86.00
ZAMST Wrist Wrap
The Wrist Wrap provides light support for lower hand and wrist compression and is easily applied using our thumb opening. The i-Fit technology incorporated in the wrap around design offers adjustable compression and individualized support. ..
RM91.16 Ex Tax: RM86.00
ZAMST BodyMate Wrist
LIGHT COMPRESSION AND PROTECTION   Unique shape of support line gently holds each body part. ※1 piece per package   ..
RM54.18 Ex Tax: RM51.11
ZAMST Thumb Guard
The Thumb Guard stabilizes your thumb joint by providing protection and support during activity. The Thumb Guard is equipped with i-Fit technology and Exo-Grid (Custom) Tech, which is a moldable custom fit. The thermoplastic insert can be shaped by placing it in warm to hot water. It can be remolded 20-30 times and switched from one thumb to the other. ..
RM178.08 RM198.22 Ex Tax: RM168.00