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ZAMST BodyMate Ankle
LIGHT COMPRESSION AND PROTECTION   Unique shape of support line gently holds each body part. ※1 piece per package   ..
RM58.41 Ex Tax: RM55.10
The FA-1 is designed for individuals who need a compact size brace for light ankle support. The FA-1 incorporates Flyweight fabrication with a dual (inner and outer) layer with i-Fit technology for individualized adjustments and compression. The Heel Lock Tech, along with Grip Tech (anti-migration), provides heel stabilization and support. ..
RM98.91 Ex Tax: RM93.31
The updated A1 provides moderate support for mild to moderate ankle sprains. The A1 ankle support incorporates improved Flyweight-TECH for a lightweight, low profile design and enhanced construction. The A1 is built with a-Fit design for an anatomically (left and right) correct fit, and i-Fit technology allowing for individualized adjustments and compression..
RM207.90 Ex Tax: RM196.13
The A2-DX provides the strongest ankle support for moderate to severe ankle sprains. The ankle brace is made with i-Fit and a-Fit technology for an anatomically (right & left) correct fit. The Exo-Grid (Xternal) is a dual exterior molded support structure with Grip Tech (anti-migration), that prevents the ankle from rolling inward (Inversion) and outward..
RM302.40 Ex Tax: RM285.28
The updated A1-S provides a low profile design for mild to moderate ankle sprains. The updated A1-S provides a low profile design for mild to moderate ankle sprains. The new A1-S has improved Flyweight-TECH for a lightweight design and enhanced construction. The A1-S new L-Strap design with Grip-TECH, anti migration technology stabilizes the ankle and provid..
RM151.20 Ex Tax: RM142.64
The AT-1 incorporates a lightweight fabrication with Heel Lock Technology to keep the heel in a neutral position and prevents it from inward (Pronation) or outward (Supination) rotation. Dual interior pads allow the Achilles tendon to glide in alignment and maintain a smooth motion. The A-Strap located on the outside of the AT-1 will assist in pushing the fo..
RM143.91 Ex Tax: RM135.76